Retox Detox

New Year, new us. Right? Well, kiiinda.

With a new year comes a whole load of pressure to start Living Your Best Life.

But even though we really really had the best intentions to do the detox thing, we also kinda think the post-Holiday season is dry enough as it is.

To save us from the indecisive spin, our Head-Of-All-Things-Drink and general stand-up guy Ales stepped in to knock up something that would meet us in the middle. With a whirl of his cocktail stirrer our Retox Detox double act was born.

Retox Cocktail

Obvi, we didn’t stop there. We partnered with the babes at Rude Health to make sure the mocktail cocktail duo was as fire as possible, mixing their kick-ass kombucha with our secret Dirty Bones ‘Detox’ Shrub and a dash of lemon, mint and cucumber, swapping the cucumber with a vodka kick for our Retoxers.

BEHOLD, the perfect halfway house for cocktail lovers, Health queens and commitment-phobes was born.

Pick the mocktail or the cocktail (or both, ‘cos balance) and leave those January blues way back when in 2018


Detox Mocktail

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