Be the Ultimate Vegan

It’s January and we are feelin’ FRESH. How bout ‘chu?

Here to tell you our kid sister Dirty Vegan has teamed up with some all-star friends to bring you more goodies than Ciara with the Ultimate Vegan Kit. We couldn’t be prouder - now we gonna break this thang down for just a few seconds…


You don’t need to settle for broccoli and tofu, kick it old skool - make your house smell like soul food. We said this was a powerhouse lineup and we weren’t kidding!

LA’s finest Beyond Meat coming with the Vegan Chilli Cheeseburgers – think vegan American cheeses, vegan buns hun, relish, pickled jalapenos, jalapeno dressing, red onions, gherkins and Dirty Bones signature Skinny Fries.

Y’all know about MEDA CBD drinks? This kit has a sharing bottle of their Espresso Medatini – a delicious blend of cold brew coffee & vodka, which is naturally low sugar and low cal – and two cans of MEDA Functional CBD drinks to help nourish and strengthen you for the year ahead.

Cookie Crew, you ain’t forgotten. Enter Vida Bakery, repping East London with dairy free and gluten free Cookie Tho ready-to-bake cookies for you to enjoy hot out the oven. Somebody pass the C.R.E.A.M!


Wherever you be in the UK, boss Veganuary 2021 Dirty Vegan style. Click through HERE to order.


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