Fancy being one of our Friends With Benefits? Fill out the form below with your deets to join the waiting list for your black card. No strings attached. Due to high demand (guess we’re looking extra good these days) we are currently adding all our potential FWBs to a waiting list, and will let you know when your card is ready for collection.

Other than bragging rights, being one of our FWBs gets you:


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What Now

As soon as you receive your black FWB card you're good to start taking full advantage of this hot new relationship and all that comes with it. 

How to work it

Simply flash your signed FWB card every time you visit Dirty Bones to receive your benefits. Keep an eye on your inbox as we'll occasionally send exclusive FWB-only invites and treats your way.

The boring stuff

To receive your FWB card, you need to supply us with a bit of info including your email address and birth date, which means you are cool with us sending you the odd email (only good stuff, we promise) from time to time. We'll never pass your details on to any company outside of our group.

Like most Friends With Benefits situations, our conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice, and redemption of benefits is always at the discretion of our management crew. Don’t worry though – we’re decent people and we'll always drop you an email if we make any drastic changes to your benefits.

FWB discounts aren't valid in conjunction with any other offers that we might very rarely be offering, or on set menus (ie. group party menus, lunch set or event set menus, Holiday menus, etc.). Sorry babes.

You can't transfer or copy your card, that would just be wrong. It has no monetary value and it can only be used by the signed and registered member, so wouldn’t be much point anyway.

Can’t wait to see where this thing goes.  


We've been given a roadmap out of lockdown, so time for you to book in! Tables available from 17th May.


We've got an out of lockdown, so time for you to book in! Tables available from 17th May.

While you wait, get that Dirty Bones vibe at home with our NYC eats delivered. 

Order via Deliveroo for that fried chicken fix, we come to you with the goods hot n' ready.

Or plate it up yourself with a Dirty At Home Kit, the comfort food and cocktails of Dirty Bones, with a side of Old School Hip Hop FTW.

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