Chillin’ with The Last Skeptik

Our resident DJs are all about good vibes and big beats. Rapper, producer & DJ, The Last Skeptik is no exception. Having released  fire new music this summer and played mega shows, we sat down with him to chew the fat.

Keep reading for his exclusive playlist and check out his new single “House Party Massacre” here.

The Last Skeptik

DB: The Last Skeptik, hey, how are you? 

TLS: Hungover but I’ve got crisps so everything’s ok.

DB: For the readers who don’t know you, can you tell us a little about yourself and your history as a DJ/Producer / Artist?

TLS: I produce, I DJ and as of recently I’ve been rapping. I’ve started to release singles from my forthcoming album which is entirely me on the mic. I’ve been lucky enough to perform around the world and play a whole load of mad festivals, as well as work with my favourite music artists. Basically, I’m a huge advocate for being grateful.

DB: What was your summer jam for 2019 and why?

TLS: Murkage Dave - Keep Up The Bad Work

DB: Okay, let’s take it back, what was your first ever album you bought? And can you tell us a bit about how you grew up with music?

TLS: Probably the Chaka Demus and Plias album. Then it went down/uphill to some Spice Girls or Eternal. Maybe even Reef or Lightning Seeds. I grew up around my parents playing jazz, rock, folk and classical. Then my brother and school friends introduced me to rap when I was about 9. Then it all changed from there.

DB: Damn, that’s some eclectic early years. What artists are you excited about RN? Is there anyone we should keep an eye out for?

TLS: There’s so many. LCYTN, Awate, Murkage Dave, Shay D, KeepVibesNear is very dope.

DB: Who’s your favourite OG Hip Hop Artist/group?

TLS: Gangstarr all day

DB: Now that’s our kind of jam ☝️. If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

TLS: Frank Sinatra

DB: The OGest OG for sure. So, you have a podcast too tell us a bit about it…

TLS: Thanks for Trying Podcast - now recording Season 3. It’s an excuse for me to get drunk with my mates from the world of entertainment. I’ve been super happy to welcome some mad guests on like Taika Waititi, Ed Skrein, Kurupt FM, Katherine Ryan and so many others.

DB: Nice and  your favourite guest so far? 

TLS: Probably recurring guest Doc Brown because he’s like family and we talk so much sh*t

DB: You released your single House Party Massacre at the end of August, how does it feel to finally have it out in the world and where can we listen to it?

TLS: It’s the third single from my forthcoming record and I’ll be honest - I’m gassed. I f*cking love everything I’ve done on this it. It’s an emotional detailed journey through a painful break up, and I’m excited for people to marinate in the sadness

DB: We can get down with that. Now we gotta know what’s your favourite dish and cocktail at dirty bones?

TLS: That’s too much of difficult decision to make!

Shout out to The Last Skeptic for kickin’ it with us, catch him on Friday October 11 spinnin’ old school beats at Dirty Bones Kensington. Head over to our Music & Events page to check our events line up.

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