Detox Retox

New Year, new us. Right? Well, kiiinda.

With a new year comes a whole load of pressure to start Living Your Best Life.

But even though we really really had the best intentions to do the detox thing, we also kinda think the post-Holiday season is dry enough as it is.

To save us all from the indecisive spin, we've come up with a few retox detox double acts. Three out-of-this-world mocktails, good for being good - however they can all be spiked to state your commitment to the boozy cause.

Juicy Juicy January Retox Detox Cocktail
So Fresh So Clean January Retox Detox Cocktail
Six in the mornin January Retox Detox Cocktail

We got...

SO FRESH SO CLEAN Beetroot, sumac, orange juice, lemon juice and tonic
Retox with: Cointreau and Ketel One Vodka

JUICY Apple, pineapple, ginger and celery bitters
Retox with: Tanqueray 10 Gin 

SIX IN THE MORNIN’ Tumeric, honey, ginger ale, orange, pineapple and chilli flakes
Retox with: Bacardi Reserva Ocho Rum 


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