Get Dirty at Home

Here at Dirty Bones we’ve been working hard to get the sweet taste of NYC to your doors. Here’s our answer. The #GetDirtyatHome kit. Our seriously dirty Mac Daddy Burger Kit; all the fixin’s to make you groan. A double cheeseburger, brisket and then top it off with some seriously decadent mac and cheese. And do you want fries with that… hell yeah you do. The Lamb Fries Kit with crispy lamb belly, jalapeño and a sweet miso glaze will make this the naughtiest night in you’ve had in a long time – probs ever.

And of course, to satisfy those cravings for a Dirty Bones fix we’ve sorted you out with a chance to win a year’s worth of DB meals as soon as our doors reopen – simply tag us in your #GetDirtyatHome end product and we will choose the sexiest, dirtiest creations to win this epic prize.

DJ Ethan Porte recently hit up our Instagram live at one of our vibin’ Hip-Hop Hours, now he’s chatting to us about R’n’B, DIY Burgers and getting’ down and dirty at home.

Keep scrollin’ to give his specially curated playlist a listen, designed for you to #GetDirtyatHome.

Dirty Bones: Hey Ethan, how’s it going? To give our readers a little background why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?


Ethan Porte: Hey, I’m all good thank you very much! Sure, my name is Ethan Porte, I’m a full time multi genre DJ from London, but I specialise in Hip Hop & RnB...


DB: Have you been to Dirty Bones before? What would you say your favourite thing is about the brand, the music, the food, the drink, all of the above?


EP: Of course! Who hasn’t been to Dirty Bones? They’re missing out lol! I love the brand and everything about it. It’s different to other restaurants and the experience you get. It’s got that underground hip hop feel mixed with quality food and drinks. When I’m not DJing at South Kensington branch, you will still catch me eating all the food I can possible eat there to be honest lol...


DB: It’s Happy Hour, what are you drinking? Have you got a go to cocktail?


EP: I don’t mess about when it comes to happy hour... I’ve tried pretty much all the cocktails, but I’d say my favourite is Mutts Nutts. BANGING!


DB: At Dirty Bones we’re all about the good vibes, and your Hip-Hop hour was certainly all about that – can you name some of your all time favourite artists that have shaped your sets?


EP: Ahhhhh damn, that’s a hard one! Anyone who knows me, know I’m a big fan of 90/00’s Hip Hop & RnB.. I love stuff before and after that time, but the 90/00’s is what I grew up on. I’d say some of my fav artists are - Lauryn Hill, Mya, Ashanti, Mary J Blige, SWV, Brandy, Erykah Badu, Usher, Ja Rule, OutKast, Mase, Busta, Missy Elliott, Method Man, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Biggie, 50 Cent - the list goes on!

DB: You were also one of the lucky winners of our all new DIY Dirty at Home Kits! What did you think? Did it live up to your expectations?


EP: Ain’t I lucky! Very impressive, I got the Dirty Bones quality food sent to my door. It honestly tastes like it’s straight out of the restaurant. I couldn’t eat all 4 burgers, so shared it with my fam. But I can tell you they loved it too. Easy to make too, so I didn’t have the headache of figuring things out. Thanks again for the package you legends.


DB: To recreate the Dirty atmosphere, you’ve put together a playlist to get down and dirty to. What are some of your favourite tracks you’ve included?


EP: I love all the tracks, but I’d say 3 of my fav tracks in this are;


Brandy - I Wanna Be Down

Mase - Feel So Good

Dru Hill - How Deep Is Your Love


DB:  We’re launching our ‘Dirty at Home’ Kits just as Number 10 announces a new ban on couples not living in the same house having sex indoors?  What do you say to this? 


EP: Hahaha! Okay, well... Imagine sex in the form of a mouth-watering burger. That’s what you’re That’s what you’re getting with this DIY Kit. Order your kit, invite your partner over, the rest is history (wink!)


We've been given a roadmap out of lockdown, so time for you to book in! Tables available from 17th May.


We've got an out of lockdown, so time for you to book in! Tables available from 17th May.

While you wait, get that Dirty Bones vibe at home with our NYC eats delivered. 

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Or plate it up yourself with a Dirty At Home Kit, the comfort food and cocktails of Dirty Bones, with a side of Old School Hip Hop FTW.

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