Halloween is creeping up on us and we’re creeping ourselves up right back. In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. At Dirty Bones, we’re making like Missy and inviting you to Get Ur Freak On with our notorious annual bash at Dirty Bones Kensington on Saturday 27th October.

We’ve created an exclusive rum-based Ramos Fizz with a pumpkin spice twist, the Lil Pump(kin), which we’ll be sippin’ all night *AND* there’ll be ultimate comfort candy and dead cool DJs spinning old ghoul hip-hop, funk and soul. Costumes are optional but, for the love of Cady and Regina, if you got it haunt it. We’ll be channelling Cady all day, but mice are welcome (duh).

Book a table or reserve a spot in the bar at our Halloween party HERE.

On Wednesday 31st October, all Hallows eve itself, we’re playing boozy trick or treat across all sites, ‘cos good shot bad shot is our kind of Halloween thrill. And if that ain’t enough, we’re putting on our first ‘I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost’ Movie Fright Night at our underground Kensington digs. NYC classic Ghostbusters will be screened theatre-style in the lounge with creepy cocktails, comfort bites and freak treats for just £15 per body.

Who ya gonna call? Dirty Bones, obvs (and we best be on speed dial, ‘cos tickets are flying fast).

Book tickets for our Dirty Bones Kensington Movie Fright Night HERE.

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