For those of you that are social distancing, self-isolating, and quarantining we’ve compiled a list of things to watch whilst you’re hangin’ at home, take a journey to Brooklyn through hip-hop history from the comfort of your couch with documentaries, films and playlists.


Style Wars (1983)

'Style Wars' is an American 1983 documentary film on hip hop culture and its American roots.

Tupac: Resurrection (2003)

T'upac: Resurrection' is a 2003 American documentary film about the life and death of rapper Tupac Shakur.

The Carter (2009)

'The Carter' is a 2009 documentary film about the American hip hop recording artist Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. better known as Lil Wayne.



Hip-Hop Evolution (2016)

Interviews with influential MCs, DJs and moguls trace the genre's dynamic evolution from the 1970s through the '00s in this documentary series.

The Defiant Ones (2017)

'The Defiant Ones' traces the rise of music legends Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine and chronicles their groundbreaking partnership.

Rapture (2018)

Groundbreaking artists share their life stories in this vibrant documentary series that captures hip-hop's impact on global culture.



Boyz N The Hood (1991)

'Boyz N The Hood' follows the lives of three young males living in the Crenshaw ghetto of Los Angeles, dissecting questions of race, relationships, violence and future prospects.

Juice (1992)

Four inner-city teenagers get caught up in the pursuit of power and happiness, which they refer to as "the juice".

Wild Style (1993)

'Wild Style' covered all four elements of hip-hop (graffiti, MCing, breakdancing, DJing) in the culture's earliest days.




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Make Out Mix

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We've been given a roadmap out of lockdown, so time for you to book in! Tables available from 17th May.


We've got an out of lockdown, so time for you to book in! Tables available from 17th May.

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