Nothin' But A Koji Thang

Check it out. Our original fried chicken has been give a new secret recipe.

One thing we'll tell you is it's now marinated with Koji, the mega ingredient from Japan that makes meat even juicier. Super succulent, soaked in buttermilk then fried to perfection. It doesn't get better than this.

Hot off the grill and fresher then the Prince of Bel Air, we've pimped the ultimate comfort food - fried chicken - by marinading it in Koji, a super special ingredient from Japan that makes the chicken super succulent. A tweak to our super secret spice mix means there's flava upon flava upon flav. 

Try our bangin' new Koji fried chicken on it's own, in our buffalo and spicy chicken buns, on a brunch waffle or in the all-new Dirty Caesar salad. It's OG with the Koji. 

We invite you to come along, give it a go - and give us your HONEST opinion. It's the only one that matters. 

Promise, you'll love it so much, you'll want to tell everyone about it.


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