Takin' it back to South London

Listen up, South London, 'cause this is it. The beat that we bangin' is de-li-cious. You heard it here crew – we are up and running in your area!

Dirty Bones, Dirty Vegan and Dirty Wings – are all up in your hood and tasting gooood. Coming together for the first time to give you whatchu need, whenever you need it.

It don’t get much more dirty than THIS. Check it out:

Dirty Bones providing your NYC inspired Comfort Food and on-the-bone meats fix- think BBQ short rib, free range Crispy Fried Chicken and taleggio-packed Mac n' Cheese.

Dirty Wings coming in with the addictive fried chicken, wings, buns and comforting sides. There’s 5 different sauces for our signature crispy chicken wings to try – including Buffalo Hot Sauce and Hoisin, Pineapple & Chilli.

Dirty Vegan serving up the finest plant-based comfort food. From Crispy Cauliflower Popcorn to Chilli Cheese Burgers – there’s nothing bland about these vegan dishes.


We're back, back again with the good vibes on lock! Grab your crew and book a table up to six in our restaurants at Soho, Kensington, Shoreditch & Oxford to enjoy your fave DB eats and sips inside.  Oxford is also raising the roof on our rooftop terrace, reserved for walk-ins only.