Getting 'Locked'-Down with the Menendez Brothers

We're getting down with the Menendez Brothers to find out what they've been up to over lockdown, the inspiration behind their music and who to watch...

Dirty Bones: Hey, how are you?   

Menendez Brothers: We are as well as we can be, trying to make the most of the horrible COVID situation we have unfortunately found ourselves in, but being as positive as possible is crucial. We hope the same goes for you all too. 

DB: Tell us a little bit about you and how you got into music.

MB: I remember when we were really young, our older brother took a liking to grunge music, when our older cousins saw this they gave us a complete collection of gangster rap albums.
This changed our perception of music as we were hooked! It did make for some interesting playlist choices in Year 7 for school parties. 
Our dad had a massive part to play in our music choice too, he has always listened to such a wide variety of music. When we started DJing we played house, drum & bass, hip hop and dubstep.

DB: music did you grow up with?  

MB: Our dad had a pretty big vinyl collection so we were lucky enough to grow up with lots of different styles of music.
This definitely shaped our music choice and ultimately led to the diverse nature of lots of our sets.
The music ranged from The Beatles, T-Rex, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson to James Taylor; lots of different styles and genres. Growing up listening to a lot of hip hop led to the creation of our brand, So Fresh So Clean.

DB: How has 2020 been so far and what projects have you come up with during in lockdown?

MB: 2020 was shaping up to be a very good year for us, we secured a monthly residency for So Fresh So Clean and had over 100 DJ bookings lined up for the year. Luckily for us, we still play on the radio once a month for Rinse FM which is keeping us sane. We did a live stream at the start of lockdown which was fun and was received well online with over 100k views! 

Peep their live stream here.

DB: What’s your fave old school hip hop or funk track? 

MB: There are too many to pick from but our favourite track to unwind to is Grand Puba - I Like it. This song puts us in a good mood no matter what, it is feel-good hip hop at its finest.

DB: As a regular at Dirty Bones what is your go-to cocktail and dish?  

MB: Mutts Nuts is our favourite cocktail not only in DB but in London, there is no limit to the amount that we can go through, as many of your staff know…
The Cheeseburger Dumplings with the burger sauce is another favourite, this will always feature on our table no matter what we order.

DB: Which is your fave DB venue? 

MB:We both live in East London so the Shoreditch venue is our local, but we have a massive soft spot for the High Street Kensington spot as this is where we had our first Dirty Bones experience all those years ago.
You can see us knocking about all the London venues a fair amount, we get our Dirty Bones fix regularly.

DB: Any hot new artists you want to share with us?

MB: Izco is our favourite artist at the moment. We have been big fans for a while but this year he has really developed. One to watch no doubt.
Another is Jay Diggs who is a very funky man, his cover of WAP is incredibly catchy and considering he plays all the instruments and sings, it goes to show how talented he really is.

Check out their epic playlist below


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