Turnin' Up with Emma Smith

Ladies are always at the forefront of music at Dirty Bones so this March we are pleased to welcome UK singer-songwriter Emma Smith to our Kensington stage, just in time to celebrate International Women's Day!

Emma has made her name in the deeper, soulful end of hip-hop and RnB. Over a handful of killer releases, including the epic Swan Song with Giggs, she's ensure that her song-writing skills are filed under 'one to watch'. You might have also seen her go by the name of Espa.

We caught up with Emma ahead of her show and here's what she had to share.

Dirty Bones: Hey Emma, how you doing? For the readers who don't know you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Emma Smith: Well, I am a jazz, funk and soul singer. I love performing in front of audiences all over the globe! So lucky to do the job I love!

DB: Okay, let's take it back, we'd love to hear about the music you grew up with. What was the first ever album you bought?

ES: A long time ago now! Probably something like Spiceworld? A definite (not so) guilty pleasure of mine, for sure. 

DB: Here at Dirty Bones, we're all about the old-school hip-hop, funk and soul. Who's your fave OG hip-hop artist or group?

ES: Mmmm... probably Wu Tang Clan.

DB: What can the Dirty Bones Kensington crowd expect from you on the 5th March?

ES: A night of good music and even better vibes. I'm joined by a great band who I love to perform with. We'll be playing a wide range of music, blending different genres. 

DB: You've also compiled us a playlist celebrating women in music, just in time for International Women's Day (which we've already been blasting loud obvs) - can you talk us through some of your choices?

ES: I chose female singers who have moved me all my life and who I respect and continue to be motivated and inspired by! There are also some sounds in there that I'm really feeling at the moment and that have been a soundtrack on my travels throughout the past few months. Go ahead and give it a listen!


We've been given a roadmap out of lockdown, so time for you to book in! Tables available from 17th May.


We've got an out of lockdown, so time for you to book in! Tables available from 17th May.

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