Your Royal High-ness

New year, new you?

We’ve created limited-edition January serve Royal Highness with the crew over at OTO, using their epic CBD bitters.

Packed with all the natural antioxidants for those detox goals, it’s the all you need to start the decade winning. A mix of pineapple, clementine, sage, green tea & juniper berry infusion, agave soda, tonic and OTO CBD bitters.

Get a drink that can do both, Royal High-ness is also available as a cocktail. For those of you who want to carry on the turn up into 2020, you can add a shot of Tanqueray Gin to the mix.

Whether you’re detoxing or retoxing this January 2020, we’ve got you babes with Royal High-ness.

We caught up with Tom the sales director from OTO to talk more about the brand and why their excited about it coming to Dirty Bones.

Hey Tom, how are you doing? 

Very well, thank you. Holiday season was suitably hectic, but I got a couple of days to recharge.

We obviously love OTO, but for the peeps reading this who don’t know what you guys are about, can you give us the 411?

OTO is seeking to be the world’s leading premium CBD brand, bringing thoughtful and effective products into people’s daily lives. Cannabidiol (CBD), if you don’t know already, is a molecule from hemp that replicates one naturally produced by our body. It regulates hormonal balance and can be used to help find calm, relaxation and focus. For that reason alone, people are getting very excited about it and we want to make the highest quality, but accessible, products on the market.

Epic! So what’s the backstory, how did the OTO brand come to life? 

OTO was set up by husband and wife duo, Gemma and James. After they set up California’s first online CBD dispensary, they returned to the UK to discover a very confused and misunderstood market. OTO, which means ’sound’ in Japanese and relates to the space between sound and silence, was born in order to bring clarity and leadership to this rapidly growing ‘green' space.

We’re using the OTO CBD Bitters (big fans, obvs) , but what’s your fave product?

At OTO we have over 15 different products and this is set to grow into 2020. In our portfolio, we have two ‘world’s first’ - the pillow mist and the cocktail bitters. These have got to be my favourite, as you can’t put a price on a great tasting cocktail and a good night’s sleep!

Are you excited to come thru’ and try Royal High-ness at Dirty Bones?

You bet! Dirty Bones are the first restaurant group in London to properly embrace such an experience on their menu so we’re super pleased and grateful to be given the opportunity!

Will you be detoxing or retoxing in January? 

I’ll be trying to detox this January. OTO have got lots to do this year, so I’ll be having my fair share of alcohol-free cocktails and CBD!


We've been given a roadmap out of lockdown, so time for you to book in! Tables available from 17th May.


We've got an out of lockdown, so time for you to book in! Tables available from 17th May.

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